Rumor: A New Nintendo Switch Model Is Coming In 2021

The dream of a Nintendo Switch Pro or New Nintendo Switch could become a reality, as a report has surfaced online claiming that an upgraded Switch model is coming in 2021.

Nintendo has embraced the idea of releasing upgraded versions of a system throughout its lifespan, such as the Nintendo DSi and the New Nintendo 3DS. The only major exception to this was the Nintendo Wii U, which was hinted at receiving a hardware revision with a smaller GamePad, but the poor sales of the system ensured that it never saw the light of day. Nintendo fans have been expecting an upgraded version of the Switch for a while now, but so far there has only been the Switch Lite, which is a cheaper version of the system that cannot connect to a dock.

According to the report, the new Nintendo Switch model will have improved visuals and more interactivity. It’s possible that this new Switch model was planned for a holiday season release and would face off against the next generation of systems, but COVID might have caused production delays. Nintendo has had trouble keeping the regular Switch units in stock, so it’s possible that a new iteration of the system was put on the back burner, especially with the current consoles selling so well.

It bears mentioning that this report should be treated as a rumor until Nintendo makes an official announcement. There are rumors that a Nintendo Direct is due to happen in the near future, and it’s likely that a new Switch will be announced (or at least teased) during the event. It makes a lot of sense for a new Switch to be launched soon, as the older model has been around for years now, and the line could benefit from an improved model with better visuals & more storage.

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