Rune Factory 4 Special: Where To Get Liquids

One of the better features in Rune Factory 4 is the leniency it has when letting you craft items such as weapons and armor. Sometimes, instead of asking for a very particular item, it will simply ask you to provide any item from a certain category, such as Sticks or Feathers.

One of the categories in the game is "Liquids," and it's one that may trip you up at first. There are no easy ways to grab them from respawning resources, and there are no monsters that produce them when recruited onto the farm.

Where To Farm Liquids

There are only four items in the game classified as "Liquids," and only one of them is available for a good portion of the game. They are:

  • Glue, dropped by many Orc types and Ogre types.
  • Devil Blood, dropped by Daemons in Idra Cave, the Chimera boss in the Water Ruins, and Blood Panthers in Floating Empire.
  • Paralysis Poison, dropped by Hornet Queens on Maya Road.
  • Poison King, dropped by Hornet Kings in Rune Prana.

By far, the easiest one of these to farm is Glue, which can be obtained as early as your first expedition to the Water Ruins. However, the best place to farm for it is in Yokmir Cave. You will come here as part of the story after you have cleared Yokmir Forest, the Water Temple, and Obsidian Mansion.

In Yokmir Cave, there are three Orc-type monsters: High Orcs, Rider Orcs that are often paired with Silver Wolves, and Orc Hunters. Only High Orcs and Rider Orcs can drop Glue, so don't waste time beating up Orc Hunters if that's the sole purpose for your visit to Yokmir Cave.

The areas highlighted in the image above show some of the best spots for farming Glue. The central regions of this map contain many High Orc and Orc Riders to fight, with one of the screens having a portal to respawn them indefinitely. Some screens may have a chance of spawning Orc Hunters, so zone out if you encounter any.

Glue doesn't have a great drop rate, so if you are further along in the game, you may want to boost your luck by forging a 4-Leaf Clover onto a piece of your equipment.

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