RuneScape Celebrates 20th Anniversary With Massive Grand Party Event

Believe it or not, today marks the 20th anniversary of RuneScape. The long-running MMO is giving players dozens of ways to celebrate the occasion, with a month-long Grand Party event running until the end of January.

Jagex – the studio behind RuneScape – said it’s not just celebrating RuneScape, it’s also celebrating the community that’s helped it thrive for two decades. “Without our wonderful ‘Scapers, there’d be no RuneScape at all,” reads the announcement. “Your passion, dedication, and community spirit are what have held us together all these years – so give yourselves a round of applause and have a big ol- slice of birthday cake on us.”

From today until January 31, you’ll be able to find various activities going on in the Lumbridge Crater. For starters, you can speak to the Wise Old Man to get an exclusive 20th Anniversary Outfit and Cape. Every week will see the inclusion of a new event, and this week is dubbed the Celebration of Quests. Head to the crater to learn more about it, but you’ll essentially be joining in on three miniquests with iconic characters scattered across the game’s history. There’s also a 10% XP boost while training in the Lumbridge Crater.

New content will be dropped every week, so be on the lookout for new ways to celebrate.

If you’d rather pick up some real-life swag, the RuneScape store is now filled with exclusive 20th anniversary products. From collectible keyrings and pins to a gold pressing of the Original Soundtrack Classics album, there’s a lot of new gear up for grabs on the official store.

RuneScape has put up some impressive numbers over the past two decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down in the years to come. RuneScape launched on Steam last year to incredible reviews from players, and Old School is hoping to do the same in 2021. Holding a massive celebration like this is a great way to generate more interest in the classic title, and we’re excited to see what’s planned for the coming weeks.

The Grand Party will run until January 31.

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