RuneScape Introduces Construction Contracts In Latest Update

RuneScape has introduced a better method for leveling up your Construction skill, dubbed Construction Contracts. These contracts see you helping out the citizens of Gielinor with all their building needs, earning both experience points and useful new items in the process.

Before this update, training your Construction skill was a lonely affair, as you’d be locked up inside your home working on personal projects as fast as you could click the left mouse button. However, Construction is now a community endeavor with Construction Contracts. These new tasks will see you aiding folks all over Gielinor with their construction needs – fixing up their homes and repairing their broken furniture.

To get started, talk with any Estate Agent in Lumbridge, Varrock, Draynor, or Edgeville. They’ll get you all set up with instructions on how the new contracts work and point you in the direction of your first task. Beyond earning your usual Construction XP at a fraction of the cost – and getting to improve your skills out in the world instead of your lonely house – you’ll also earn several bonus rewards:

  • Plank Box: An upgradeable storage box that lets you bring at least 25 extra planks of each type with you. After two upgrades, that capacity grows to 100 each.
  • Achievements: Eight new achievements have been added, all relating to the new contracts.
  • Master Construction Outfit: On November 17, RuneScape will introduce the new Master Construction Outfit via Dressed to Skill – a Treasure Hunter promotion to help complete your Elite Skilling Outfit wardrobe. Pieces of the outfit can be purchased with Construction Credits you’ll earn from completing Construction Contracts.

Earning the full Construction Outfit – which consists of five articles of clothing – will grant you several benefits:

  • Option to automatically remove furniture after construction
  • Convert logs to planks on the go
  • Temporary +3 Construction boost
  • Construction Contracts – Build progress increased
  • Chance to instantly finish Construction Contract repairs
  • Unlimited teleports to current Construction Contract, house, house portals, and Estate Agents

The new content is launching alongside a reduction in Premier Club Membership prices. If you know you’ll be playing RuneScape for the next several months, this is one of the cheapest ways to become a member – and pick up a few cool bonuses along the way.

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