RuneScape Officially Launching On Mobile This Summer, Pre-Registration Now Open

RuneScape is officially launching on iOS and Android this summer. You can now pre-register for the title on the App Store and Google Play, with community rewards available based on total pre-registration numbers.

RuneScape held a lengthy Early Access program before discussing an official release, which saw more than 2.1 million players over the past 18 months. The mobile version of RuneScape is fully compatible with the PC version, giving you a way to jump into Gielinor when away from your keyboard. RuneScape will be free to download and carries the same membership options as PC.

“Today’s invitation to pre-order and pre-register is a massive and exciting moment,” said Ryan Ward, RuneScape executive producer. “It has been no small feat to bring one of the world’s largest MMORPGs to the world’s largest and most widespread gaming platform. This summer, we will be ready to welcome players on mobile to a fantastical, living world and through endless discovery connect them to a RuneScape community of millions.”

While everything about RuneScape is available on mobile, the team gave the iOS and Android versions a completely reworked UI – one that’s more appropriate for the smaller screen. Menus, icons, text, and textures have all been redesigned for the new platform, along with slightly reworked combat mechanics for ease of use with a touch screen.

“Our community means everything to us, and we have taken the time in Early Access to listen to player feedback and create an experience that was as awesome on mobile as it is on desktop,” Ward continued. “Given RuneScape’s 20-year heritage, to have the whole of RuneScape running on mobile is a monumental achievement and we couldn’t be more excited for launch.”

Pre-registration is now available for RuneScape, with tiered rewards available based on the final numbers. All told, there are five exclusive cosmetic rewards to unlock, such as a new hairstyle, teleport device, sword, pet, and armor. The top prize tier includes Crux Eqal armor and delivers a 50% XP boost for seven days.

You can find RuneScape on both iOS and Android.

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