Sail Forth: Pine Peaks Walkthrough

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If you've reached the Pine Peaks area in Sail Forth, you've had quite a journey. The game starts in the Sandy Shores area, and the difficulty ramps up immensely every time you get to the next area. Although, you'll have no idea what you're about to go against as you reach Pine Peaks.

The fifth area of the game is going to show you the true potential of Deadrock, as it has fallen into the wrong hands once again. You'll meet a bunch of new friendly and enemy groups who will change your way of exploration in the game.

Things You Can Find In Pine Peaks

After defeating the giant ice golem in The Frigid Sea and getting the Deadrock from him, you'll witness the most surprising transformation as the giant who wanted to destroy you will become a cute professor who chats a lot but never means any harm. After getting the Deadrock, you can head to the first island in the Pine Peaks.

As soon as you enter the area, you'll be greeted by a member of the Order of the Moontide who will ask for your help with her pet Stingray. You won't be able to do anything else until you follow her to the location marked on your map, and you'll battle a sea creature covered with purple Deadrock energy here.

Upon defeating the creatures using your cannon, it will turn upside down, revealing the core that's corrupting it. You have to use the Harpoon Gun to get rid of this core, and the quest will be finished.

Once the quest is done and you can start freely exploring Pine Peaks, here's everything you can come across:




Skull Clan Fort

Box with a skull on top

Skull Clan forts in Pine Peaks work similarly to the forts in other areas, but there will be an increased number of towers guarding your reward. The best strategy to defeat this fort is to not stand still, and constantly defeat towers as you circle around.

Skull Clan Vessels

Ship with a skull on top

Skull Clan vessels have always been the most common type of enemies in Sail Forth, but they become a real problem in Pine Peaks. Most of the Skull Clan members will be controlling large ships like a Brigantine.

These ships will have 250 health or more, and they tend to stick around each other and battle at the same time. Also, there is a chance that an ambush can trigger, which will spawn three more Skull Clan vessels in the area.

Tekk Clan Machine

Giant tower with purple light

Ever since you finished the mini-quest involving the Croaker Command Corps and the Tekk Clan, you'll have to defeat one of these towers in every area. To do so, you need to bring the purple plates at the bottom to 0 HP and then use the Harpoon Gun to remove them.

Skull Clan Shipyard

Wooden dock

Just like every other region except Sandy Shores, you have a chance of getting Skull Clan Shipyards in Pine Peaks, and you'll have to defeat a few enemy towers if you want a chance to get the enemy vessel.

Target Practice

Red target

There will be a brand-new Target Practice course in Pine Peaks, and you'll have to destroy no less than 11 targets in this one. These targets will be placed along a straight path, but rocks will be blocking your way, and you won't have enough time to come back around.

Race Track

Black and white flag

Similar to the last two regions, the Race Track in Pine Peaks will consist of two checkpoints before the finish line. As soon as you start the race, you can Harpoon the rival ship to slow them down, which guarantees your victory.

Order Of The Moontide Missions

No symbol on World Map

These are one of the new events that you will come across in Pine Peaks. While they aren't marked on the World Map, you can usually find them in the northern and southern parts of any island, and you'll have to play the conch here.

There are two types of missions that these folks will give you. One of them will need you to collect three creatures and bring them back to the person who gave you the mission, and the other one will have you fight a corrupted creature.

Elder Morvanna

Blue shell

Elder Morvanna will have a new shop for you that will give you different magik items. You can exchange these items for the Pearls you gathered during your playthrough, but you'll need to finish some missions to get the Moon Flower required to unlock this shop.

How To Finish The Main Quest In Pine Peaks

As you explore different islands of Pine Peaks, you'll get Map Fragments that'll reveal new islands and different events on other islands. At one point, these fragments will stop revealing any information to you, and you won't get anything new no matter how many fragments you get.

When this happens, it usually means that you've uncovered all the islands in the area except the final one. To find the final island, head to the northernmost island that you've discovered and sail in the western, northern, and eastern directions. You'll be able to locate Barnacle Base in one of these directions.

As you enter the area, you'll see a giant fort with black doors. The Order of the Moontide will ask you to try and peacefully resolve the situation. At this point, you can enter the fort and talk to Captain Greysand about peace, but he won't listen to you and try to kill you on the spot.

As he closes the door behind you, two of his ships will come out of the water and you'll have to defeat them. Once they're defeated, Greysand will spawn three more ships and drop the Deadrock into a volcano, which will start throwing random rocks on the battlefield as you fight the ships.

This was just a start, as the final boss will be revealed after you've defeated the three ships. You'll have to fight the Magma Leviathan here, and you can only damage it if you hit its face. Although, there's a catch. Whenever you finish off one face, two more take its place. This forces the leader of the Moontide group to cause an Eclipse.

While the eclipse might get rid of the Leviathan and get you the Deadrock, it'll cause an even more sinister issue. You'll be taken to a different realm where you can follow the blue beacon of light to know more about how Deadrock works with the Eclipse. Once you're through, you'll have to go back to every leader and ask for their help.

Tips For Sailing In Pine Peaks

While the waters in Pine Peak might seem more safe compared to The Frigid Sea because of the environment, it's best to not let your guard down. Here are a few sailing tips for sailors in Pine Peak:

  • Save the Pearls that you acquire during your endeavors. The shop where you'll talk to Elder Morvanna has a lot of goodies in store. You can even purchase items that let you directly teleport to a nearby Shipshape place or the Morvanna store. Although, all these items will require some Pearls.
  • While you won't find any random Tekk Clan vessels in the area, there are chances to spawn an event where these vessels are up against some members of the Order of the Moontide. You'll have to defeat two vessels to finish this event.
  • You can also face a corrupted sea whale or Stingray at random. These won't belong to any of the Moontide missions, but you can still get three Pearls from them if you use the Harpoon to remove the corruption.

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