Saints Row And TimeSplitters Won’t Be At E3, Deep Silver Confirms

If you had your hopes set on seeing the new TimeSplitters, Dead Island, or Saints Row games at E3, you’d better manage your expectations. Deep Silver officially announced the list of projects that won’t be present at the show, so the fans wouldn’t be disappointed later.

The announcement came straight from Deep Silver on Twitter, soon after Koch Primetime live stream was announced for Summer Game Fest on June 11. According to the company, the players shouldn’t expect such anticipated franchises as Dead Island, Saints Row, Metro, and TimeSplitters at the show or at any other E3 2021 event. Deep Silver assured the company would let fans know about the projects as soon as it’ll have news to share.

While it may sound like a bitter pill to swallow right now, it’s a wise move to clear things up in advance. By knowing this, the fans can just relax and enjoy all the new titles that will be present at the Koch Primetime stream.

Many players have long wanted to see a glimpse at a new Saints Row game, especially since Saints Row 4 was released almost eight years ago. It seems it’s not the time for the project to debut just yet though.

Another title many wished to see ages ago is Dead Island 2, originally announced back in 2014. As of now, the game is in the works at Dambuster Studios with a recent list of vacancies hinting the project is coming to the next-gen platforms only. Sadly, the publisher isn’t ready to re-reveal Dead Island 2 for the audience.

Regarding the new TimeSplitters title, it was announced just recently that Free Radical has been reformed under Deep Silver to revive the series, so the fans probably won’t expect any particular news or demonstrations very soon.

The same goes for a new Metro game from 4A Games. The studio makes no secret it’s working on another entry in the beloved franchise, but with Metro Exodus released only two years ago, it’ll be a while until fans will see the next chapter. All we know is the team for the first time is looking to deliver a multiplayer experience set in the Metro universe.

Now, when all is settled, we can just tune in on June 11 to see what is coming next from Koch Media. The event will air at 12am PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm BST.

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