Saints Row reboot delayed six months but not to make changes

Volition has announced that the reboot of Saints Row has been delayed till August but there’ll be no changes to the story or characters.

Thanks to the pandemic, 2021 has seen an endless procession of delays and empty release schedules but as promising as next spring looks it was always inevitable that the delays would continue.

Marvel’s Midnight Suns was one of the first high profile victims and now Saints Row has joined it, with a hefty six month delay from February 25 to August 23.

Considering that was the same day as Elden Ring, and within a week of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen and Horizon Forbidden West (yes, publishers are terrible at choosing release dates) that seems to be benefit enough for the move, but developer Volition actually claims it’s ‘to do our vision justice’.

The reveal of Saints Row, which is a reboot rather than a sequel, had a muted response from fans, who didn’t like the new characters, and underwhelming action and graphics.

Despite these complaints Volition is adamant that the delay is not to make any major changes but simply to add polish.

‘Rest assured, there will not be any changes to the story or the characters or anything that we’ve lovingly imagined over the last few years and already shared with you’, said chief creative officer Jim Boone in a blog explaining the delay.

‘Due to the size and scope of our new Saints Row, it’s become apparent that to create the best game possible, we need to give our team longer to perfect their craft’, he added.

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