Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World: The Game: How To Beat Matthew Patel

Scott Pilgrim loves Ramona Flowers, but he’ll need to take down her exes to be with her. Scott and his friends will have to beat The League of Evil Exes. With seven members, each inhabiting their own world, new players may struggle with these super-powered baddies.

While players could go into a fight blindly pressing buttons, it’s always better to have a strategy. With each of the Evil Exes having their own moves, abilities, and strengths, Scott will want all the help he can get. The first Ex on the list is Matthew Patel, a villain with mystical powers and demon summons at his disposal.

Prep Work

Before facing Matthew Patel, use the funds acquired from taking out the overworld enemies to visit the Shopping District’s storefronts. Various purchases will boost each character’s overall stats, but seeing as this is the beginning of the game, head over to Shockwave Records. Avoid No Account Video, as this is a late-game shop. This store is one of the most affordable for upgrades early on, so take a look at each item’s stats and pick a booster from the list below:

  • The Clash At Demonhead- $14.95 (8 Willpower)
  • Smashing Turnips- $16.95 (8 Strength)
  • Crash And The Boys- $14.95 (8 Speed)
  • Winifred Hailey- $15.95 (8 Defense)
  • Kupek- $14.95 (2 point boost to all stats)

Matthew Patel: Phase One

While Matthew Patel may not look intimidating, he’s got plenty of powers that will send players flying, even in his first phase. Some of these include:

  • Energy Blasts
  • Rapid Physical Attacks
  • Quick Movement

Initially, Matthew will begin the fight by rushing players with a flurry of blows. Make sure to use the block function if he gets in close.

Another trademark move of Matthew’s is the energy blasts that he’ll fire from long range. Combat this by getting in close and piling on attacks.

Phase Two

Once players deal enough damage to Matthew, he’ll initiate his second phase, one that is far more defensive. Here, he’ll surround himself with Hipster Demon Chicks that form a protective barrier around him. Each of the four Demon Chicks can deal damage, so keep some distance from them.

Use some of the chairs in the area to deal damage to each of the Hipster Demon Chicks. Scott and company can pick them up and toss them towards Matthew and his guardians by pressing the heavy attack button. Those willing to take a bit of damage can chance a midair attack on the airborne enemies. Once they take enough damage, they will disappear. They’ll need to be dealt with individually, so repeat the process until all four of the Hipster Demon Chicks are down.

Final Phase

Once his entourage is down, Matthew Patel will return to battle, but this time he’ll mix in each of his previous attacks for one final onslaught. Be prepared for:

  • Physical rush attacks
  • Mystic Energy Blasts
  • Hipster Demon Chicks that fire energy blasts and teleport

At this point, he’ll start to flash yellow. The faster the flash, the closer he is to a KO. While the secondary enemies can still be damaged, they’re quick and hard to focus on. Instead, hone in on Matthew while blocking the projectiles from his allies. Stay mobile to make taking hits less likely. Pepper Matthew with punches, ducking in and out until he falls. Congrats! The first of the League of Evil Exes is down for the count!

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