Scream Releases Final Poster With New Tagline

The new Scream film is right around the corner and Paramount is gearing up with its marketing. There's a new TV spot featuring a golden-masked Ghostface with a flamethrower. But that's not all. There's also an ad with a brand new tagline, "The killer is on this poster."

All the new characters are featured as well as the surviving trio from the debut '90s film – Dewey, Sidney, and Gale. There are rampant theories that one of the originals is now donning the mask, killing off the new generation, while others dispute this and believe it to be a fan, a family member of one of the first victims, or a family member to one of the killers. As is the case with any murder mystery, speculation is rife.

The poster also emphasises the Woodsboro sign and Stu's house, the final setpiece in the first film. Billy and Stu donned the Ghostface mask first, putting into motion a chain of events that would result in 'sequel' after sequel. Scream (2022) is returning to where it all began, likely to riff on Halloween all over again – meta-horror at its finest.

We also found out that the film is Rated R, set to release on January 14. Maybe avoid bringing the kids along to this one, what with all the stabbing and flamethrowering

For a killer whose infamous for their knife, rocking up with a handheld marshmallow toaster is a surefire way to frighten someone. But hey, Mickey used a handgun in the second film. Sequels are where rules go to die.

The teaser also gives us another glimpse at a few of the 'attacks' supposedly happening in the film, although whether these are red herrings, specifically added to throw us off, or real, remains to be seen.

Although, strangely enough, the trio still seem to be broken up. Dewey, as in the other trailer, spends more time alone, while Sid and Gale are banding together to solve yet another spree. What this could mean is up in the air, but you can theorize all you want – the answers will be unveiled soon enough.

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