Sea Of Thieves: A Guide To The Reaper’s Bones

The Reaper’s Bones is a secretive group that players will eventually find during their travels in Sea of Thieves. There are a few facts they should know about them, especially if they want to work for this group. They can be pretty brutal, but it is all part of their charm and the reason why many pirates choose to join them.

This group is different from any other you will come across, and it can take some time before you uncover their location. The Reaper’s Bones is who every pirate in Sea of Thieves wants to work for as it allows them to reap the biggest rewards.

Who Are The Reaper’s Bones?

The Reaper’s Bones is one of the Trading Companies you will come across in Sea of Thieves, but they are a bit more mysterious than the rest. They also have questionable morals as they are based on attacking other pirates on the seas.

Many players don’t even realize they exist until they are hunted down by a ship with an hourglass Emissary flag. Their representative cannot be found at the Outposts, like the other Trading Companies, as they do their dealings in secret.

Who Is The Servant Of The Flame?

The Servant of the Flame is the representative of the Reaper’s Bones who replaced the Masked Stranger after the Ships of Fortune update. No one knows much about this character, as even his face is covered with a golden mask.

Many assume he works for Captain Flameheart as this company seeks to destroy the Sea of Thieves by pitting the pirates who sail it against one another. He carries a unique Cutlass and it is through him that you can access all of the services this Trading Company has to offer.

Where Do You Find Them?

You can find this Trading Company at The Reaper’s Hideout, a formerly Uncharted Island. It is located in I-12 and it is near other islands such as Wanderer’s Refuge, Twin Groves, and Fools Lagoon.

It is recognizable by the red hue of the lights and the whale bones that line the entryway to their tent. Once inside, you will see the hourglass insignia on a flag and the walls will be lined with golden masks, just like the one the Servant of the Flame has upon his face.

What Services Do They Offer Here?

While the Reaper’s Bones doesn’t offer any Voyages for players to take part in, they do have an array of other benefits. The Reaper’s Hideout itself and the Servant of the Flame each provide different services, so it is important to understand what they do.

The Reaper’s Hideout allows you to do these things:

  • Use the Ship Customization Chest (found on the docks)
  • Replenish your ammo with Ammo Chests
  • Use Cannons
  • Access the Servant of the Flame

Once you have reached The Servant of the Flame, then you can perform the following actions:

  • Turn in Treasure to earn Reputation, Emissary Value, Gold, and Dubloons
  • Purchase the Reaper’s Emissary Flag
  • Purchase the Reaper’s Bones Outfit and other Reaper’s Bones set items
  • Purchase Reaper’s Bones Promotions

What Can You Bring Them?

This Trading Company isn’t too picky when it comes to Treasure and they can be brought pretty much anything. Usually, items must be given to certain sellers, but with the Reaper’s Bones ideals, they don’t put these types of limitations on those pirates who work for them.

The items that can be brought to the Reaper’s Bones include:

  • Trinkets
  • Bounty Skulls
  • Trade Good Crates
  • Treasure Chests
  • The Box of Wondrous Secrets
  • Firebomb Crates
  • Ammo Crates
  • Gunpowder Barrels
  • Cargo Crates
  • Resource Crates
  • Athena’s Fortune Treasure
  • Bilge Rats Treasure
  • Collector’s Chests
  • Filled Animal Crates
  • Broken Emissary Flags
  • Ashen Trinkets from The Seabound Soul Tall Tale (and here’s a guide to help you complete it)

The specific items that The Servant of the Flame will not accept are as follows:

  • Storage Crates
  • Most Quest Items
  • Empty Animal Crates
  • Treacherous Plunder, Meat, and Fish

Unique Items

While there are plenty of Treasure items that every player knows about, there are a few that are only available to those working for the Reaper’s Bones. You may have seen these during your travels, but it is only valuable to those who are brave enough to take them back to the Reaper’s Hideout.

The unique items that The Servant of the Flame will accept include:

  • Reaper’s Chest (found in shipwrecks)
  • Reaper’s Bounty (found in shipwrecks)
  • Gifts (found washed up on beaches, buried during Skeleton’s Order Quests, or in Skeleton Fort Vaults)
  • Broken Emissary Flags (found when a ship flying an Emissary Flag is sunk or scuttled)

How Do You Raise Your Reputation And Emissary Grade?

The Reaper’s Bones has no available Voyages, so you must find other ways to boost your Reputation and Emissary Grade. Your Reputation is the easiest to raise as simply bringing them items to sell will do this for you, and you earn more for unique items.

The best way to boost your Emissary Grade is to focus on hunting down other pirates in the Sea of Thieves, as this will give you a boost compared to finding the items yourself. You should also know that you can raise your Reaper’s Bones Emissary Flag at any Outpost by approaching their shrine.

The ways in which you can boost your Emissary Grade are as follows:

  • The first time you pick up a piece of Treasure
  • The first time you place a piece of Treasure on your ship
  • Killing other pirates who are working as an Emissary for any Trading Company
  • Selling Cargo Run Crates at the Reaper’s Hideout

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