Sea Of Thieves Is Adding Dogs To The Pack In Next Update

Sea of Thieves is going to the dogs. Because they’re adding dogs. Get it?

As of today, Sea of Thieves allows its piratical players to own either a cat, a monkey, or a parrot. Each of these is rooted in semi-historical accuracy as monkeys and parrots were often traded on the exotic animal market, while cats were often kept aboard ships to keep the vermin population at bay.

But what about dogs? Not something you’d normally see on the sea. Dogs need a lot of space and a lot to eat–two things that you don’t normally find on a pirate ship. But Rare is aware of the growing requirement for all games to have dogs in them, so Sea of Thieves is getting dogs.

And really, who are we to criticize a game for including dogs?

Just revealed on the Sea of Thieves Twitter (while at Gamescom 2020) are new dog pets that will be added in a future update. Rare says the dogs will be of “various breeds,” but it certainly looks like there are only two breeds to choose from: collie or Australian shepherd. Or maybe that’s’ a husky–it’s sort of hard to tell.

Fans were universally in favor of the move, with famed dog-rating Twitter account @dog_rates perhaps the most excited of them.

Rare didn’t see exactly when dogs will arrive in Sea of Thieves, but the game tends to get an update every month, so we’ll find out relatively soon.

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