Sephiroth And Tifa Appear In New Final Fantasy VII Remake Trailer

Square Enix gave Final Fantasy VII Remake plenty of chances to shine during it’s E3 conference, including a closer look at combat, the unveiling of different editions, and the reveal that the whole first installment is focused on Midgar. For fans who have been starving for info on this RPG, that would have been satisfying enough – but Square Enix didn’t stop there.

The company also showed a new trailer from the game, highlighting a few elements that fans have had questions about. For instance, it shows the new character designs for Tifa and Sephiroth. It also gives a sense for how party members besides Cloud and Barret perform in in combat, showing both Aerith and Tifa in real-time action.

Stay tuned for more Final Fantasy VII Remake info as E3 continues!


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