Serial Cleaners: Chapter One Mission Guide

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  • Drug Den (Bob, 1990)
  • Convenience Store (Lati, 1991)
  • Minnesota Cabin (Hal, 1991)
  • Morgue (Erin, 1994)

The first chapter of Serial Cleaners introduces players to the four playable characters, along with their unique abilities. While these starter missions are certainly easier than some later challenges in the game, that doesn't mean you'll necessarily be able to breeze through them! Between tricky patrol routes, unexpected arrivals, and locked doors, you'll have plenty on your plate even at this early stage.

With this guide, you'll be able to efficiently clean up each character's starting crime scene and avoid getting busted. Bob's mission is always first, but after that you can play the remaining missions in any order.

Drug Den (Bob, 1990)

Once the tutorial is completed, you'll find yourself in a flashback to Bob's first job in New York City. You need to dispose of three bodies and three pieces of evidence.

Start by cleaning up the blood on the balcony where Bob starts and wrapping up the body just inside the door. Clean up all the blood in the room before leaving, as two cops will arrive in the hallway as soon as you leave the first room.

One cop stays in the corridor, facing away from the apartment door. The other slowly patrols the apartment, meaning you'll need to avoid him as you finish cleaning up.

As soon as the cops appear, enter the room immediately south of the first body and close the door. Take the key and wait for the patrolling officer to go out onto the balcony. When he does, use the key to unlock the bathroom near the apartment entrance. As long as the door stays closed, the cops won't look here unless you give them a reason to do so.

Collect the evidence in the bathroom, then wait for the cop on the balcony to check the other side of the apartment. Once he's out of range, vacuum up the blood in the bathroom. This will catch the attention of the cop in the corridor, so hide in the bathtub when he comes to investigate. You should be able to get all the blood and have just enough time to hide before the cop opens the door, but it's fine if you miss a few drops.

If you're quick, you can pick up the body you wrapped earlier and get it out of the apartment before the other cop returns to the main room. If you'd rather not risk it, you can wait for him to go out on the balcony again. Either way, carry the body out to the corridor – as long as you don't run, the policeman there will never notice. Bring the body to the stairwell at the southern end of the hall to remove it from the scene.

While you're in the corridor, clean up the blood there. The cop won't hear you unless you vacuum past the body by the apartment entrance, so you're clear to take care of the mess at your leisure. Once the blood is gone, wrap up the body and drop it off at the stairs.

Save at the elevator, then go back into the apartment. Use Cleaner Sense (ALT on a keyboard, L2/LT on a controller) to track the cop inside and enter when he's not looking. When he goes to the balcony, sneak to the southernmost room and collect the evidence there. Next, you can either hide under the bed until the cop completes another round or go across to the final room that needs cleaning.

You'll need to make several trips to clean out this room. Start by wrapping the body and vacuuming up the blood; by the time you're done the cop will likely be nearby. Duck through the hole in the wall on the right to hide behind the pile of trash in the hallway. The cop might look around when he realizes something in the room has changed, but he shouldn't bother you there unless you stand up or make noise.

Once the blood is cleaned up, take the body and the duffel bag one-by-one to the stairs. Walk quietly behind the cop as he walks toward the balcony, then slip out the door, drop the evidence, and repeat. As soon as all the bodies and evidence are disposed of and you've cleaned up sufficient blood, you can escape via the elevator.

Be sure to close the door behind you when entering and leaving the apartment – if the cops notice it's not how they left it they will become suspicious.

Convenience Store (Lati, 1991)

Lati has a big mess on her hands, with tight spaces and lots of enemies. You'll probably be spotted several times in this mission, so use Lati's Free Run ability to vault over obstacles and climb out of reach if you're pursued. Lati also has three spray cans per level, which she can use to tag the ground to distract cops.

You won't be able to do much before the cops arrive, but as long as you're outside the convenience store they won't suspect you. Once you're inside or behind the building, though, you'll need to be careful.

Start by going to the opposite side of the building from your starting position near Bob's car. Look for a dumpster you can climb on to reach a ladder, which will bring you to the roof. This is your best escape route if things get hairy, since the cops can't follow you up there.

Pick up the evidence in the middle of the roof, then open the hatch on the left side. You can use this to drop into a locked storage room. The cops can't enter this room until you unlock the door with the key near the body, so don't do so until you've cleaned up the blood.

Lati can't wrap bodies like Bob, so you may need to clean up some extra blood after moving corpses.

When all the blood in the storeroom is cleaned up, wait for the cop on the other side of the door to look outside on the east side of the building. Unlock the storeroom door and quickly move to the back door. Turn left and move the dumpster blocking your way to the car, then drop off the body.

More cops arrive after you hide the first body, but unless you were seen doing something illegal you should be safe outside the storefront. When nobody's looking, enter the door to the left of the convenience store's main entrance. Take the security tape inside, then slip back outside unobserved.

Return to the back room and start cleaning up blood. You can distract the cop inside by tagging an area out back, causing them to investigate it and give you more time to vacuum undisturbed. Once you're done, grab the shotgun and make your escape via whichever door the cop is farthest from, or duck back into the storage room and lock the door until the coast is clear.

The last, and trickiest, task in this mission is to clean up the convenience store's sales floor. You can enter either from the back room or via the main entrance; the main entrance is a little safer since you can hang out until nobody's watching.

The officer inside the convenience store slowly patrols counter-clockwise. Stay on the far side of the room from them at all times, collecting evidence and cleaning blood as you go. Be careful near the door to the back room, as the cop there might hear your vacuum and come to investigate.

Once it comes time to move the two bodies in the convenience store, it's safest to carry them out the back since there are more officers and bystanders out front. Use the same strategy as before, waiting for the cop in the back room to exit to the right before moving toward the car.

Minnesota Cabin (Hal, 1991)

Interestingly, Hal's prologue only has you playing as him just long enough to learn his unique mechanics before Bob takes over. When the mission starts, Hal needs to dispose of as many bodies as he can before the police arrive. Start by walking north past the large house and collecting the key in the right-hand shed. Use it to open the larger shed next door and get the chainsaw inside.

Hal doesn't have anywhere to hide the bodies, so he has to cut them up first. The smaller pieces can then be disposed of in nearby wood chippers. Doing so creates a large amount of blood spatter that will have to be cleaned up later. This is unavoidable, so don't worry too much about it.

The map has two wood chippers, one north of the house and one south of it. They will break after two uses, and once both are broken the police arrive. The best strategy is to have Hal dispose of the body in front of the chainsaw shed and the one in the house. These will have the most cops nearby during Bob's phase of the mission, so getting rid of them early makes it easier to clean up later on.

While you're in the house, unlatch the back door. This way Bob can use it to come and go, giving him an extra escape route if needed.

When Bob arrives, he starts off in the small shed. Start by cleaning up as much nearby blood as you can, taking care to avoid the patrolling officers as they arrive on the scene. Once the police are in position, take the axe to the right of the house and carefully bring it to the car on the northern edge of the map to hide it. Alternately, you can skip cleaning the blood and grab the axe before the cops show up so that they never know it was there in the first place.

The spatter north of the house is some of the hardest to clean up, as one of the cops walks right through it on his patrol route. Know where he is at all times and hide as soon as you see him coming. The best place to hide is in the closet in the left-hand shed.

When the blood on the snow is dealt with, grab the evidence by the overturned car just north of the wood chipper, then go south toward Hal's original starting point. Clean up blood as you go wherever possible, and take the shotgun in front of the house. Bring it to the car, then return.

The only officer patrolling the south side of the house walks between the docks and the front yard, circling the big pile of rocks. This makes him very easy to evade as long as you're on the far side of the rocks from him. Vacuum the blood on the opposite side of his route, then wrap up the last body to bring it to the car. If you're in a pinch, hide under the boat near the body's starting position.

Once the body is dropped off, all that's left is to get the evidence in the house. Since you unlatched the back door while you were playing as Hal, this is as easy as slipping in the back, grabbing the evidence from the counter to your left, and bailing out before anyone sees. Wait for the cop in the house to enter the kitchen, then make your move – just beware of the two officers patrolling the backyard!

If you've cleaned up most of the blood outside, you don't need to clean inside the house. Return to the car and make your getaway.

Morgue (Erin, 1994)

Erin can hack computers to disable lights and open doors, but her standout ability is crawling through vents. Be sure to open any vents you encounter immediately, as they provide quick escape routes throughout the level.

Before you do anything else, walk north of your starting position and hack the side gate to the morgue. This will make getting in an out much easier.

Next, double back and look for a hole in the fence just to the left of the main entrance. Squeeze through and open the vent hidden around the corner to your left. Inside, unscrew the vent covers at the middle and end of the shaft. You now have several options for moving around the building's perimeter.

Exit the vent on the far side, and you'll find a small locker room. You can open a new vent straight ahead, which leads to the autopsy room. Wait for the guard to move out of earshot, then unscrew the vent so that you can enter whenever you'd like.

When the guard leaves the room briefly to the right, hop out of the vent and grab the key on the table in the upper-right corner. If you have time, open the vent to your left and escape that way; otherwise, hide in the closet until it's safe to continue.

Unscrew the vent cover at the far end of the shaft, which will lead you to the freezer. Unlock the door back to the autopsy room but don't open it; instead, use the vent on the right side of the freezer to get back outside.

Stop by your car to save, so that you don't have to do all that prep work over again, then go back through the east gate. On the east side of the building is a vent that leads directly to the main corridor; open it up and wait for an opportunity to get into the lower-right room without being noticed by the security guard. Hack the computer on the desk inside to identify the bodies and evidence that need to be removed.

As long as you aren't spotted by the security guards, you won't have to worry about the police. When the guard in the hallway goes into the room north of you, slip out and hide under the table near the intersection. Wait for the guard to leave the room, then go in and grab the key and evidence there.

This is where it's easiest to get caught, as the two guards' patrol routes intersect nearby. If the hallway guard is coming back, but the autopsy guard is watching the hallway, run for it out the side door; as long as you're fast and not dragging a body, you should be able to escape before they're alerted enough to call the police.

Use the key to open the door to the file storage room across the hall, or go back outside and use the vents to enter. Either way, collect the evidence there, then return to the autopsy room.

You can't take the trash bag or any bodies through the vents. Instead, your best bet is to drag them out the side door, using the main corridor. Be patient and keep an eye on the guard, and you should be able to get all three back to the car without incident. If you're spotted and pursued, you can lock yourself in the freezer until the guards stop looking for you.

If the police do show up, they mostly patrol outside the building. They might close the electronic gate – if that happens, you can simply re-hack it. Once all the bodies and evidence are taken care of, make your getaway to complete the mission.

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