Shadow Warrior 3 To Launch On PlayStation Now Next Week

The launch of Devolver Digital's fast-paced first-person shooter Shadow Warrior 3 is quickly approaching, and PlayStation have marked the occasion by announcing that the title will be available on PlayStation Now on the day of release.

The news came via Flying Wild Hog lead producer Bartek Sawicki in a blog post on the official PlayStation website, breaking down what to expect with Shadow Warrior 3 when it arrives next week. Alongside the announcement that the game will launch on PlayStation Now on March 1, we also got a pretty lengthy gameplay trailer showing off one of the game's missions as well as detailed videos explaining the game's various combat mechanics

While nowhere near as popular as Game Pass, PlayStation Now has had quite a few big titles available to subscribers over the years as PlayStation seems to be making efforts to somewhat improve the service. Games like God of War, Final Fantasy 7 Remake, and Red Dead Redemption 2 have all been available at some point, although Shadow Warrior 3 is the first title in the service's history to launch on the service day one.

Xbox fans will be familiar with the feeling of being able to download a brand-new game on the day of release essentially for free. First-party titles like Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5 launched on the service day one, as well as upcoming third-party titles like Atomic Heart and A Plague Tale: Requiem.

This could be an attempt to make PlayStation Now look more enticing before the reveal of the "Spartacus" subscription service, a heavily-rumored project that has been described as Sony's answer to Game Pass. PlayStation Now gift cards were also recently pulled from UK retailers, suggesting that a rebranding of PlayStation Now could be coming soon. Of course, this is just conjecture, and it's possible we could be reading too much into this announcement.

Shadow Warrior 3 will be available on PS4 via PlayStation Now, but will also be available on PC and Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X and PS5 via backwards compatibility.

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