Sheet Of Uncut 1998 Pokemon Cards Goes Up For Auction

A lot of people assume big Pokemon projects are fads for a short period and fall by the wayside. Take Pokemon Go. It felt as if everyone was playing it during the summer of 2016. By the end of the year, it felt as if everyone had left it behind. Well, that's not the case. Extremely casual players might have moved on, but the mobile game has gone from strength to strength with each passing year, generating billions for Niantic and The Pokemon Company.

The same can be applied to Pokemon cards. A lot of you will have frantically bought them 25 years ago, thrown them away at some point, and you're now kicking yourselves as you watch shiny Charizard cards sell for thousands of dollars. Much like Pokemon Go, Pokemon cards never went away either, and right now thanks to the reselling of some originals, they're a bigger deal than ever before.

Even though it's exciting whenever a first edition Charizard goes up for auction, it's something we've seen a few times before at this point. What we hadn't seen until now is a whole sheet of uncut Pokemon cards going up for sale. 99 of them, all attached to one another, never having made it to Pokemon TCG packs, store shelves, and eventually the grubby hands of those of us who were little kids in the late 1990s.

Among the 99 cards are 16 shinies, including the elusive Charizard and also a Blastoise which tends to sell for a lot of money individually too. There are also 32 Machamp, which may shed some light on the odds of finding the gen one fighting type in packs all those years ago. The auction for the sheet has already begun, and the highest bid is currently $34,000. You can expect that number to be significantly higher by the time the auction ends a little more than nine days from now.

Unless it's someone like Logan Paul buying the cards who wore a Charizard around his neck to a boxing match one time, there's little interest in what a buyer does with cards after they've bought them. This sheet is a different matter, though. Until now, it has been on display in the office of the Wizards Of The Coast CEO according to Kotaku. It might well be treated the same way by its next owner. However, someone could be brave enough to cut them up and keep them, or even sell them, individually. Personally, I wouldn't let anyone with a pair of scissors anywhere near them.

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