Should You Complete The Miguel Almiron POTM Card In FIFA 23?

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Miguel Almiron is the latest player to receive the Premier League POTM award, and that means he gets an SBC in FIFA 23. This card looks really decent, and it won't cost you an arm and leg either. This short guide takes a look at how to complete the SBC, how the card feels in-game, and some squad-building ideas.

Almiron definitely deserved this upgrade after blistering form in the league – eight goals in 14 matches.

How Much Is Almiron?

Almiron's POTM card is coming in at around 100k or just less. To complete Almiron you will need:

  • 84 rated squad with an in-form
  • 85 rated squad with one Premier League player

This is okay value for a card of this quality, alongside the Premier League links it can also play as a 90 Pace CM in the league, which is a rare asset. However, this sort of card would likely be worth 10-15k on the standard Gold market if it was a regular card.

How To Complete Almiron

At the moment, fodder is at market-low levels, with 84s and 85s both available for less than 10k on the market. We expect this market to rise over the weekend, so if you are planning on doing this card and don't have fodder available in your club, now is a great time to do it.

  • Cheapest 85 rated players are Schick, Sommer and Kostic all at 8k
  • Cheapest 84 rated players are Vlahovic, Ramos, and Oyarzabal at less than 3k
  • TOTWs are currently discard value at 10k

Should You Complete This SBC?

To understand whether this SBC is worth the 100k coins, let's take a look at the card's stats compared to the Dynamic Duos Buchanan that was available via objectives.

  • 93 Pace – obviously great, and Almiron is Explosive
  • 97 Pace – Faster than Almiron
  • 82 Shooting – Highlights are 90 Shot Power and 87 Volleys
  • 80 Shooting – A little worse shooting than Almiron, but does have 84 Positioning, 85 Finishing, and 85 Shot Power.
  • 81 Passing – Not amazing, but does have 85 Short Passing
  • 78 Passing – Slightly worse passing, but does have 87 Vision and 83 Short Passing, arguably most important/meta stats.
  • 86 Dribbling – Great stat, with 93 Balance. Very low composure at 79, though.
  • 85 Dribbling – 91 Agility, 82 Balance, 83 composure. Although it's technically lower, we think that Buchanan will perform better on the ball.
  • Low physicals and defending, but does have 85 Stamina
  • Decent Physicals at 84 Stamina and 84 Jumping

Overall, there really isn't much of a difference between these two cards. We'd even go as far as to say that Buchanan's card is better although is clearly much more difficult to link to without that Premier League connection. Crucially, Buchanan is a free card.

Almiron does have a 4-star weak foot and high/high work rates. The card can also be played at a variety of positions, from CM, CAM, and RM, which offers squad-building flexibility. This is a great addition and helps the card match up with its cost a little better.


We rate this SBC – it isn't the best, it isn't the worst. If you're a big fan of Miggy – and who isn't right now? – then this is a neat pick-up for your Newcastle past-and-present squad. If you are just looking for pure economic value, go and complete the most recent Dynamic Duos and give Buchanan a whirl…or any of the other very reasonably priced RMs in the current crashing market.

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