Silent Hill 4: The Room Is Now Available On GOG

It seems the spontaneous release of some Konami classics on last week wasn’t a one-off occurrence. Out of the blue this morning, the 2004 cult classic Silent Hill 4: The Room hit the GOG storefront for fans to buy. Going for $9.99, this is a re-release of the PC port that landed on the same day as its console counterparts 16 years ago. It has a few issues, but fan patches have smoothed over most of the problems.

What’s more surprising is that Konami has even recognized that Silent Hill 4 exists. When the company released the ill-fated Silent Hill HD Collection on Xbox 360 and PS3, fans were puzzled as to why Silent Hill 4 was left out. There is some old rumor about the game not originally being in the series, but it has become a favorite among fans in the years since. Its exclusion was puzzling, but now it has a second chance to live thanks to GOG.

As for modern features, GOG offers cloud save support for Silent Hill 4 along with English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish subtitles. Xinput gamepads are partially supported, though I believe fan patches can rectify any issues you’ll face. This was the same thing with the recently re-released Metal Gear ports, which have a plethora of fan mods that improve the experience.

With Silent Hill 4 now available, we can only hope that GOG and Konami can continue their recent friendship. Silent Hill 3’s PC port was the definitive version of the game and Silent Hill 2’s has a ton of fan HD mods. Since both are horror classics, they absolutely deserve a chance to shine on modern platforms.

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