Silent Hill Remake, Sequel, And Episodic Content Reportedly In Development

Silent Hill is starting to give the appearance of a full-fledged revival as multiple projects including a remake, sequel, and episodic content are reportedly in development.

Journalist Jeff Grubb has spoken up about the possibility of one of these titles in development, a remake of the 2001 classic Silent Hill 2. This matches up with other sources, according to VGC. The remake will feature new AI, puzzles, and endings, it's claimed, and could reportedly be a timed exclusive for PlayStation consoles.

Indie Polish studio Bloober Team has been linked to this remake with a recent leak of images showing off what appeared to be a Silent Hill set in Britain, which could be just minging. Bloober Team's connection with the famed horror series could be very real since the Polish developer signed a "strategic co-operation agreement" with Konami last year and the company's CEO has said it's working on existing horror IP.

But it is still not yet clear if Bloober is working on the remake or a sequel, although the former might be a stronger possibility with multiple sources talking up the idea. The remake would include reworked puzzles and new endings, as previously mentioned.

But it's looking like Konami wants to revive the series across multiple games, which could include episodic content. Annapurna Interactive could be a developer that's been tapped to produce these smaller stories set in the Silent Hill universe. Annapurna is responsible for crticially acclaimed titles such as Outer Wilds, Telling Lies, and Sayonara Wild Hearts. However, multiple devs have pitched Konami with Silent Hill project ideas, according to VGC's sources.

Lastly, VGC also heard that Konami is planning on a new mainline entry in the Silent Hill series, which could very well be the sequel fans have been wanting for years. It is not yet clear which team is on this project, but it has been reported that a Japanese studio is working on this new game.

Meanwhile, the images that leaked recently are apparently related to a short teaser game, similar to P.T., which is supposed to whet the horror game appetites in the lead-up to the proper game launches. Hopefully, all of this will be cleared up and fans will know more about these individual projects sooner than later. Please Pyramid Head?

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