Silent Hill: The Short Message Rated In Taiwan

Despite worries from Silent Hill fans that it had been cancelled, Silent Hill: The Short Message has been rated in Taiwan for PS5, proving that it exists in some format.

Just a few months ago, Konami revealed its plans for Silent Hill over the next few years, including a remake of Silent Hill 2, a new game in the series called Silent Hill f, and some more experimental titles like Silent Hill: Ascension. True to Konami fashion, almost all of these announcements leaked before the official reveal could happen, including one that didn't end up making an appearance at the actual showcase.

Nearly a full month before the Silent Hill showcase debuted, a title called Silent Hill: The Short Message was rated in South Korea. Fans quickly began speculating that this would act as some kind of PT-esque short demo, which then seemed to make perfect sense to debut during the showcase. That didn't end up happening, however, leaving fans wondering if The Short Message had been scrapped entirely.

Although that was assumed to be the case for a bit, it seems that The Short Message still lives, as Gematsu has spotted a new rating for it from a Taiwanese rating board. The rating doesn't give any more detail on what The Short Message might be, but it does confirm that it'll be released on PS5, with no other platforms listed currently.

Seemingly being exclusive to the PS5 is interesting, but not all too surprising considering the Silent Hill 2 remake is also a PlayStation exclusive. Whether The Short Message and Silent Hill 2 are linked, or if it's just another partnership between Sony and Konami isn't clear right now, but previous rumours have hinted that it is its own project.

One possibility for what The Short Message could end up being is Project Sakura, which was leaked several months before the Silent Hill showcase and bears some resemblance to Silent Hill f. Considering the similarities between the two, it would make some sense for it to act as a demo like PT was supposed to for Silent Hills.

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