Skybound Games Is Distributing The Callisto Protocol

Skybound Games will be distributing and marketing The Callisto Protocol in tandem with Krafton and Striking Distance Studios worldwide. Thanks, Gematsu for spotting the news.

The publisher that helped bring The Walking Dead TellTale Series back from the doldrums of game development will be assisting The Callisto Protocol as it nears its 2022 release window.

“The team at Striking Distance Studios are the video game industry’s best at creating blockbuster games,” said Robert Kirkman, the Chairman of Skybound Entertainment. “Through Skybound, The Walking Dead has expanded from its original comic book to multiple television series, books, video games, merchandise, and more, and we can’t wait to explore similar possibilities for The Callisto Protocol with Skybound’s multiplatform expertise.”

It’s no surprise that Kirkman seems excited about this project. The CEO bringing The Callisto Protocol to next-gen systems is the same person who helped release the legendary Dead Space series, Glen Schofield. With Kirkman being a master of horror with The Walking Dead series, the two go perfectly hand in hand. Schofield said in the press release that their goal is to “make one of the most terrifying games of all time.” Kirkman could certainly help with that.

The IP may stretch beyond gaming as well. Schofield said, “Skybound Entertainment is unrivaled in the worlds of sci-fi and horror storytelling, and will be an incredible partner for Krafton and Striking Distance Studios as we bring the world of The Callisto Protocol to life in games and beyond.” This could potentially lead to a television series or a comic book run before, during, or after the release of the 2022 game.

During our interview with the game’s chief development officer Steve Papoutsis, we learned that The Callisto Protocol is a single-player, story-driven survival horror game that’s set in a prison on a dead moon around Jupiter. The comparisons to EA’s Dead Space series are clear to see, but Striking Distance is planning to use the experience of the game’s prior developers to make something special and unique. By the way, did you know that PUBG and The Callisto Protocol will be tied together in some fashion? Strange.

With this new development of Skybound jumping on the project, perhaps Striking Distance will fully realize their survival horror nightmares for its unsuspecting players.

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