Skyrim Gets Red Redemption Journal Thanks To Mod

One of the nice touches in Red Dead Redemption 2 that really grounds the characters of John Marston and Arthur Morgan is the journal which they sketch and write their diary entries in. Now, you can have that added detail in your Skyrim playthroughs. Sort of.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the Adventurer's Sketchbook mod adds a journal in-game that your Dragonborn will gradually fill out as they explore Skyrim's vast tundras and sprawling cities.

In this mod, a journal gets added to the three guardian stones near Riverwood, where most adventures in Skyrim begin. Leaning against the warrior stone is a journal filled with shadowy landscapes.

When you reach one of these spots in-game, your character will fill the sketch in, leaving you with a nice memento of the places you've been. Unfortunately, there aren't any diary entries added, but it's a nice touch nonetheless.

But what do you get for traipsing across the coldest part of Tamriel? A perk, of course. The Lay of the Land grants you either a bonus to your critical hit chance or increased movement speed. The perk has multiple tiers that activate upon filling a certain number of the 66 sketches, so it's well worth your while to go out and find all the locations.

This may seem like an odd addition to the game for some, but to others, the journal is something special. For editor-in-chief Stacey Henly, it was the heartbeat of Red Dead Redemption 2. It adds a lot of depth and meaning to the lives of the characters and the story Rockstar tells, and while this mod certainly can't capture all of that magic, it tries to offer you a little.

In other Skyrim news, Skyrim VR now has a slap mod that lets you hit annoying NPCs without them alerting the guards – finally. Another mod has also added Elden Ring's guard counter feature. It's a combat option that allows you to do a powerful retaliation strike after blocking a hit.

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