Skyrim Mod Adds Hyper Realistic 4K Cabbages

Skyrim is an 11-year game considering the date it originally released but Bethesda's masterpiece continues its reign as one of the most played and popular RPGs in the realm of gaming, while modders keep on adding to its already gleaming lustre.

A recent mod makes a veggie good addition. If you'd thought the crops and edibles in Skyrim just don't look real enough then PC players are in for a treat thanks to some great work creating more photo-realistic vegetables, among other foodstuffs. The 'Cabbage – A Cabbage Mod' rights what were clearly stodgy looking cabbages into far more life-like cabbages. In fact these cabbages might well be the best looking cabbages in all video games.

The retextured cabbages are made of many more triangles and vertices if you want to know the more technical aspect and Kreiste has included a handy YouTube video showing off their work, which you can watch below. But there's nothing soggy about how the new models look. No, they are bright, crisp, and vivid.

The file size is a mere 26.7 megabytes while the mod, which was uploaded on December 16, has already been downloaded more than eight thousand times. Not bad going for just a bunch of cabbages! As one commentor said on the mod's page on Nexus Mods: "If only IRL cabbages looked this good."

This mod is hot on the tails of another mod, which we wrote about last month, which created the most realistic garlic you've probably ever seen in a game. That was 'Garlic – A Garlic Mod' which doesn't come courtesy of the cabbage mod creator but one 'wSkeever'. The garlic mod replaces the game's original bulbs with ones that again feature far more edges and which show seperate drawl calls for bulbs rather than just one. Multiple responses call the garlic mod the best Skyrim mod ever made. There is also a video showing the juicy bulbs.

There are plenty of mods out there for Skyrim of course with creators making ever more. No wonder it's a title with staying power. Now here are some improved cabbages to add to the game's expanding roster of upgrades.

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