Skyrim Mod Adds Medieval-Style Batman And Arkham-Esque Catwoman

Ah, Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim, Skyrim. You are the fifth of The Elder Scrolls, and boy oh boy have you lasted a long time. While it's been more than a decade since the vanilla game launched, Skyrim really found an afterlife with the modding community with so much content being added. The latest one spins a DC vibe to Skyrim Special Edition and it's even been given permission from Warner Bros.

The 'Batman and Catwoman' mod was created by one Tenebris (which means "darkened" in Latin) and adds some very nice looking recreations of the Batman and Catwoman suits from the Batman: Arkham games, "ported with permission from Warner Bros. Games" according to the modder.

The mod adds The Dark Knight of the Round Table armour from Batman: Arkham Origins, which is a heavy armour set and featuring modular items so players can tweak whether they want to go all in or customise the torso, gloves, boots, cowl, and cape. The modder hasn't just recreated entirely either as the textures were tweaked to better suit Skyrim's setting. There's been proper thought put to it so the Batman and Catwoman suits fit more into the medieval world of The Elder Scrolls.

The mod also includes The Batman vs. Superman Batsuit from Batman: Arkham Knight, which is a light armour set. In addition there are multiple cowls that will replace your character's head with Ben Affleck's, or at least a likeness of the actor's eyes and mouth. Tidbit: Affleck appeared as Batman in five feature films, the most of any actor who has portrayed the Caped Crusader.

As for Catwoman, her catsuit is from Batman: Arkham City and is a light armour set. And it looks pretty stunning. All the items, for either Catwoman or Batman, can be crafted at the blacksmith forge, and all items can be tempered, once the mod is installed. Cowls meanwhile won't fit Khajiits while Elves will have ears clipping through. There are further details on how to make sure the mod shines on the Nexus mods page.

Tenebris has made sure to credit Warner Bros. Games and Rocksteady Studios, but the work they've done is impressive. For those wanting to point Skyrim towards a Dark Knight kinda vibe can find the Batman and Catwoman mod on Nexus Mods here.

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