Skyrim Mod Adds Playable Nemesis From Resident Evil

What's the one thing Skyrim's missing? Nemesis. Thanks to DisgruntledWombats, the brutish Stars hunter has arrived in Tamriel, only there are no Stars to hunt, just dragons. Because not only is Nemesis in Skyrim with this mod, but now you can play as him.

Mihail originally released a Nemesis mod that added him as an enemy, retrofitting him into the more medieval fantasy setting by giving him Draugr armour and weaponry. But in combination with WhyHelloThere Solo-Album-Productions' Playable Beast Race Pack, DisgruntledWombats has made Nemesis a playable character on Xbox One.

"Craft a polymorph at a forge for one gold," the description reads. "Polymorphs last either 40 seconds, three minutes, or are permanent depending on the tome you choose to craft. If crashes or issues occur, try the permanent version. Polymorph away from friendly NPCs to avoid angering them. You can use the spell Become Friendly if you want to re-enter towns."

Nemesis is definitely not the first crossover mod on, but it's also not the only one of late—someone has also implemented Minecraft's Endermen and zombies into Skyrim. They aren't reskins that swap out other mobs, either. Endermen can pick up objects in-game and teleport, but they become especially deadly at night with a one-shot attack. However, they do have a weakness ripped right from Minecraft—water.

Then there are the zombies, "Undead mobs who burn in the sunlight". They, too, can one-shot you at night, but if you're rolling around the countryside as Nemesis, it shouldn't be too big a deal. That is if you want to turn your Skyrim into a crossover extravaganza like Fortnite.

If you do, there's the Dracula outfit mod that rips the costume right from Netflix's Castlevania, letting you dress up as the vampiric lord. It also implements a new custom beard so if the costume doesn't tickle your fancy, maybe the facial hair will. Either way, it's perfect for a Dawnguard replay—now you can show the Volkihar clan true vampire fashion.

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