Skyrim Mod Finally Adds Hand To Hand Skill Tree

Sneaking around with a bow and one-shotting legendary Draugr is fun, sure, but punching dragons to death? That's where the fun is. But it's a bit tough to get good at hand to hand in Skyrim – you have to play as a species with claws, pick a Heavy Armour perk, and use a specific enchantment. It's not ideal, doesn't scale, and can be a bit of a challenge. So one fan has opted to add a skill tree to make it more viable.

Adamant is a perk overhaul that gives Skyrim's levelling system a facelift, and Hand to Hand is an addon that merges the Lockpicking and Pickpocketing trees (now called Security) to make space for unarmed combat. The stars form the shape of two fists.

Unarmed attacks are faster but have a short reach, power attacks are slower, but if you 'dual-wield' your fists, you can fire off three right hooks lickity split – put all that together and you can carefully chain a flurry of jabs to knock out your opponent like you're Mike Tyson in the ring with a half-asleep toddler.

The Fists of Steel perk has also been removed from Heavy Armour. In the base game, it makes you dole out more unarmed damage depending on the quality of your heavy armour gauntlets. Given that it pushes you toward one tree, avoiding light armour, the modder opted to cut it.

However, there are some side effects that come with merging two perk trees together to make room for Hand to Hand. Vex from the Thieves Guild is no longer a trainer while Silda and Vipir (who train Pickpocket in the base game) use the term 'Security' instead – the modder lifted this label from Oblivion and Morrowind. But to compensate, there are new trainers. Ma'jhad is an expert Hand to Hand trainer while Chief Mauhulakh is a Master trainer. Both even have new armour and equipment to reflect that.

So if you want to start yet another Skyrim run, then why not start one where you can uppercut Alduin and leave his jaw in a bloody pool on the ground? Or maybe you can cultivate enough strength to become One Punch Man.

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