Skyrim Mod Gives Every NPC The Ability To Shout

You only have to play Skyrim for a handful of hours before the game sets you up as the Dragonborn, letting you Fus Roh Dah all over the region with minimal effort. It's a powerful shout that sends most enemies that you come across hurtling through the air, but have you ever wondered how it feels to be on the receiving end of such punishment?

Well, with a new mod from creator hesmick called Everyone is the Dragonborn, you can experience it for yourself. If you've ever felt that the citizens of Skyrim don't pose enough of a threat to you, you can now use this mod to give every single NPC the ability to use the most powerful version of Unrelenting Force in a fight, making every clash with the Whiterun guards a chaotic fight for your life.

While we don't get a full video showing off the mod in action, creator hesmick does include a little clip on the mod's Nexus Mods page. We get to see the player taking on a bunch of guards near Dragonsreach before a guard Fus Ro Dahs at the top of his lungs and sends the player flying. When they land, they're then set upon by two more guards. One of them lets off a little Fus, which is not cool when someone is already struggling to get up.

According to the mod, it's not just the guards that can Fus Roh Dah either. Pretty much everyone with a voice will be able to send you into space if you annoy them, so you'd best pick your words carefully next time your walking the streets of Solitude. If you really don't want to be ragdolled in every fight though, you can install an add-on that will make you immune, allowing you to watch the chaos unfold around you completely unharmed.

Unfortunately, only Unrelenting Force seems to be available for NPCs to use, which might actually be for the best. We don't need guards going around breathing fire or ripping the souls out of people any time soon.

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