Skyrim Players Share Their Favorite In-Game Locations

Skyrim is one of the best RPGs ever made and unlike any other game out there at the moment. A lot of that is down to Bethesda's excellent worldbuilding, as players stumble across countless incredible locations during their time in the game. Now that Skyrim has been in the hands of players for well over a decade, the majority of players will have explored most of them over their likely hundreds of hours of play time, and they've been sharing their favorite.

First put to the Skyrim subreddit by Redditor Touny420, they've shared their favorite location in the game – the College of Winterhold – and asked other users to do the same. The most popular answer came from 1cmhoodieman, who explains that the player built home of Lakeview Manor is their favorite location due to it the view, the surrounding woods, and the lake down the nearby hill. It's also where you stash all your goodies, so it makes sense a lot of people grow attached to the place.

With a conversation such as this one, it wasn't too long before people started comparing cities. SolomonKing2024 thinks that Solitude and Whiterun are tied as the best that Skyrim has to offer, although they also admire the open lands of the game just for its glorious night sky. Redditor bearsheperd also shouts out the much-maligned city of Markarth for containing Dwemer Ruins and for having one of the game's best player homes.

Then there are the folks that prefer to bask in the peace and quiet of the countryside. ProtoChaos explains that one of their favorite locations is the bench in Riverwood, as they sit there in the rain while Alvor bangs away on his anvil, soaking in the atmosphere. Vagabon_Tea goes for an unmarked location called Angi's Camp which is apparently a great place to practice your archery with a killer view to boot.

I just goes to show there are all kind of Skyrim players out there and that there are plenty of other places you should get to very often other than the Cloud District.

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