Skyrim’s Whiterun Recreated In Halo Infinite Forge

Have you ever been playing Halo and thought to yourself, "Wow! I really wish I was in Skyrim right now, Whiterun in particular"? No? Well… You can anyways thanks to someone's really cool Halo Infinite Forge creation.

Whiterun has been painstakingly remade in the Forge. It looks so good it could be mistaken for a modded version of Skyrim. The video starts off by the Gildergreen where Heimskr can usually be found preaching about Talos. Unfortunately, he's not in the Halo version, but Dragonsreach can be seen sitting pretty atop it's hill.

The Companions' home, Jorrvaskr can be seen too. It feels odd not seeing the hustle and bustle of the city around it, but it's instantly recognisable nonetheless. The Skyforge looms large above it too. We then venture down to the markets, where we've all either gone on a pilfering or killing spree.

The waterways that flank the paths have been put in too, giving a lovely ambience as the player takes us on this tour. The markets are, unfortunately, empty, and I like to imagine that this is actually a Spartan stumbling upon the remnants of the once great city, now lifeless.

The outer walls and ramparts have been made too, so if you want a sniping spot, you've got one. Even the official Xbox Twitter account got in on the action and shared a picture of someone with a Needler bolt stuck in their knee, referencing the famous arrow to the knee Skyrim meme.

In other Skyrim news, a new mod has expanding the Thieves Guild questline and added romance options. So you're spoilt for choice at the moment for ways to re-experience the game

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