SNK Delays Announcement Of King Of Fighters 15 And Samurai Shodown Season 3

Fans that were looking forward to the reveal trailer for The King of Fighters XV and the latest character DLC for Samurai Shodown will be in for disappointment this morning. On its official Twitter account, SNK has announced that the reveals for both titles have been indefinitely delayed. Meant to take place later tonight in Japan, no reason was given for the delay. It’s not hard to assume that COVID-19 played a role, much like it has for pretty much every delay in the last year.

Currently, no new time has been given for when these trailers will be released. With SNK likely wanting to get King of Fighters XV out this year before Capcom can bite back with Street Fighter VI, I don’t think we’ll be waiting too long to get some gameplay footage. The same goes for Samurai Shodown, though that is more a continuation of an already stellar game instead of something new.

As with anything when it comes to games, I would rather developers delay things until they are ready instead of rushing titles out. As was proved last month with the disastrous launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles, there is no point in kicking something out the door when it is clearly not finished. That only results in a ton of negative publicity, old adage be damned.

Considering that the previous entry in the series, King of Fighters XIV, felt like a return to form, I don’t have any problem waiting for this one. I hope it lives up to fan expectations and keeps the series going strong for another console generation.

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