Someone Forgot To Write Text For This Cyberpunk 2077 Shard

In today’s episode of what weird, glitchy, or unexpected thing can be found in Cyberpunk 2077, it looks like some dialogue was accidentally left off of certain items. Instead, players are left with some obvious placeholder text. A player has found one of the game’s shards to be missing its data entry and is instead filled with a note by CD Projekt Red of what text should go there.

Twitter user @VitoGesualdi posted a screenshot of a shard they found in-game and the ensuing text placeholder:

Within Cyberpunk 2077, the shards are items that can be collected and/or read that are supposed to offer extra information or lore regarding the Cyberpunk Universe. Clearly, this one was supposed to offer the player information regarding the Arasaka-Controller Districts of Japan but instead lets the player know what text the shard would offer if it was completed. It’s really a shame too, as the lore within the game is truly a fascinating aspect of playing.

Of course with a game as expansive as Cyberpunk, it is no surprise that a few things would get overlooked or a few mistakes would be made in development. However, with the launch of the game being plagued by a ton of glitches (some rather adult-themed) meme-worthy bugs, and atrocious performance on last-gen consoles, this small oversight is just another on a long list of issues with the game. At this point, it may easier to find what works within the game rather than what doesn’t.

Although it is not all bad news for the futuristic RPG. The game has debuted at #1 on the UK Sales Chart. Plus, people running the game on the Xbox Series X/S, the PlayStation 5, or PC don’t seem to be having as many issues or glitches as those running on previous-gen systems. Heck, some people are even enjoying the game on mobile devices thanks to Stadia and other streaming platforms.

Perhaps the biggest takeaway from all of this Cyberpunk 2077 news is that there is too much pressure on developers to reach certain milestones and landmarks when it comes to game releases. After all, the folks at CD Projekt Red faced a ton of criticism for their continuous delays of Cyberpunk and the forced overtime for their employees. Maybe these glitches are just a look at a future where demand is too high on developers to produce top-notch games in short spans of time.

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