Someone Made A Mixture Of Shrek And Mike Wazowski In Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 has an extensive character creation system. You can customize V down to the literal teeth, including a specific slider for V’s genitals. Yes, you can customize your hog in Cyberpunk regardless of which version of V you select at the very beginning.

So it’s no surprise that a whole category of memes has erupted from Cyberpunk’s character creator. Although none of these are technically possible in-game, people have shopped Hide the Pain Harold, Hitler, Mark Zuckerberg, Peter Griffin, and even Handsome Squidward into Cyberpunk 2077. And now we can add this abomination to the list.

This video originally came from the twisted mind of @tonyivonin on Instagram. It starts off normally enough but quickly dives straight into meme-status with a new “Nostalgic” character option that lets the user cycle through Doom Guy, Lara Croft, and several GTA characters including Claude, Tommy Vercetti, and CJ. Then it swaps to Rick/Pickle Rick from Rick & Morty before hitting Hideo Kojima (which is totally unnecessary since Cyberpunk already has Kojima in it).

And then we arrive at Mike Wazowski, the one-eyed, no-bodied green orb from Disney’s Monsters Inc. Even Cyberpunk’s extensive cyberware customization can’t actually reduce someone to a single eye with arms and legs, and adding Shrek’s face to the mix doesn’t make it any better.

And if you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Peppa Pig shows up and gets the full Cyberpunk treatment, complete with a cigarette and a tattoo. Honestly, we’re not sure where this meme can go from here.

If you wanted an actual game in Cyberpunk and not a giant meme engine, well sorry, but it’s gonna be quite a few patches before performance on last-gen consoles is anywhere near reasonable. On the plus side, GameStop is offering refunds for anyone who feels like they purchased a dud.

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