Sometimes The Dragons In Skyrim Are Actually Just Goats

How many times have you been wandering around Skyrim only to hear the telltale cry of a dragon off in the distance? What you do next says a lot about where you are in the game; if you stand your ground and fight, you’re probably a lot higher level than if you decide the more prudent course of action is to duck and hide in a nearby cave or cottage.

Reddit user Lxst_Elysian didn’t really have that option. Stuck on the side of The Throat of the World mountains, their only option was to stand and fight after seeing the shadow of a dragon pass over them.

After an instantaneous quicksave, Lxst_Elysian turns to look up at where the dragon passed only to see a goat drop down from a high ledge… and then die from the impact with a sad bleat.

The timing of these events couldn’t be more hilarious. Sometimes Skyrim still surprises us even after all these years. We don’t really know what happened–maybe the dragon was holding a goat and dropped it upon seeing the Dragonborn? Maybe the dragon pushed the goat over the ledge as it flew past? Or maybe the dragon turned itself into a goat in order to avoid notice?

Either way, we’re left watching Lxst_Elysian stare confused at a dead goat.

Wanna know what’s even funnier than dragon goats? Giant Giants. That’s not a typo–someone made a mod that made Skyrim’s giants truly ginormous. They’re so huge that they’re suddenly the most terrifying enemy in the game. Even dragons don’t mess with these big boys.

You can placate an angry Giant by sacrificing some livestock, apparently, but your best bet, if you come across one, is to simply run and hide. Otherwise, being catapulted into the stratosphere is the only likely outcome of this encounter.

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