Sonic Fans Are Remaking 3D Flickies’ Island With Voice Acting And New Visuals

Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island (or 3D Blast as it was known outside of Europe) was, as the name suggests, the first attempt at a 3D Sonic game. And while it pales in comparison to the true leap to 3D, Sonic Adventure, it's still an important part of blue blur history, and one that not many fans would have experienced.

Enter this new fan remake from developer WhiteFeather, which could make this unique Sonic game the most accessible it's ever been. As well as giving the graphics a much-needed upgrade, the remake lets you fully control the 3D camera, and also makes it possible to play in widescreen. You can even choose between the original and remastered soundtrack, letting you mess with the settings until you find the build that best suits your tastes.

The game shown off on the creator's Twitter page is apparently version 0.05 Pre-Alpha, with the Flickies' Island remake still deep in development. But as we can see, the soundtrack (courtesy of composer Jahn Davis), camera, and display options have all been implemented. The game also looks better overall, with upgraded textures and character models.

The narration and voice acting are brought to us by Tuna "Tuner" Fish, who had previously shared his voice work on his own YouTube account.

WhiteFeather is no stranger to projects such as this, also working on a Sonic Jam remaster, and even a release of the cancelled Sonic game for Sega Saturn. You can check out gameplay footage from these titles on the developer's YouTube channel.

Despite Sega being interested in preserving some of Sonic's retro charm, it has mostly ignored anything that isn't in the original Sonic trilogy, with Sonic CD only recently being lucky enough to get lumped in with its Mega Drive counterparts. Therefore, it's possible that this Flickies' Island remake is the closest we'll get to an official re-release, so it's well worth keeping an eye on.

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