Sony Adds And Quickly Removes "PlayStation Plus Video Pass" Banner From Its Site

Sony has accidentally revealed it will be introducing a PlayStation Plus Video Pass, possibly as soon as tomorrow.

Sony briefly added what might well be its next step towards competing with Xbox Game Pass to its Polish site today, possibly by accident. A description for something it has dubbed the PlayStation Plus Video Pass appeared for a short amount of time on the site, and a banner featuring its logo also appeared on Sony’s English language site.

The prompt removal of both suggests Sony wasn’t ready to reveal exactly what the pass will include. However, the description revealed that whatever it is, PS Plus subscribers will have access to it from April 22, 2021. For anyone without a calendar to hand, that’s tomorrow (Thursday). If the description was correct, that likely means an official announcement will be coming later today, or perhaps if and when the new service launches on April 22.

The banner that appeared included three movies: Venom, Zombieland, and Bloodshot. All three titles were produced by Sony, suggesting that everything on the unannounced service will be Sony-owned. That might well mean the MCU’s Spider-Man movies make it onto the PS Plus Video Pass too, which would be a pretty big deal. Even though Disney and Sony have kissed and made up, the Spidey flicks are still not on Disney Plus.

The description on Sony’s Polish site read that the Video Pass will be a trial service, but its end date is a year from when it is due to launch should it go live tomorrow. It also states that the service will be available to PS Plus subscribers, which hopefully indicates any movies and TV shows that are a part of it will come at no extra cost if you are already signed up.

The leak also plays into the back and forth nature of PlayStation right about now. Earlier this year it announced movies and TV shows would be leaving the PS Store. That eventuality will occur on August 31, 2021. A Video Pass might well have been in place before that announcement was made, and could even be a part of a grander plan. PlayStation also backtracked on its decision to close the PS3 and PS Vita’s online storefronts after vociferous backlash from those who still use the consoles.

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