Sony Explains Why Many PS5 Games Will Cost Above Standard Price

Sony has explained why some PS5 games will be priced higher than others. For a long time, the standard price was $60 USD, but many titles will now be hitting shelves with a $70 USD price tag.

In an interview with Bloomberg, Sony noted how games have become more costly to produce as they’ve gotten longer and flashier. This doesn’t mean all games will be priced for $70 USD, just the ones that have more grandiose productions. The big titles will be “reflective of the growing development resources needed for these ambitious games.” Furthermore, the average cost of developing a video game has tripled, mentioned a consultant in the interview, so the bump in price, which hasn’t changed in over two decades up until now, is justified in Sony’s perspective. “We do anticipate that a growing percentage of games will launch at $70, but not all at once and not uniformly across every publisher or every game franchise,” added Sony.

In other news, Sony’s PlayStation 5 was supposed to be even bigger than it is now.
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