Sony Survey Asks If Players Recognise Burnout

EA’s long-dormant Burnout series might be making a comeback soon, as Sony has been spotted asking about it in a recent survey.

The Burnout series hasn’t been seen since 2008’s fantastic Burnout: Paradise, but fans are hoping that it might make a comeback after a Sony survey asked if players recognised the series.

Redditor Laurence-UK was spotted on the Burnout subreddit, where they posted a screenshot of a survey they’d received from Sony. They said that they, “Received an email from Sony with link to a survey. The first question was asking if I’d heard of games like Miles Morales, Godfall etc…and then Burnout”.

The survey itself asks the user whether or not they’ve heard of the Burnout franchise, and also if they own a copy of the game currently, or have ever owned it. It’s nothing specifically tied to Burnout, but it’s still curious to see it in a Sony survey.

This is especially interesting considering the previous games within the survey were all Sony exclusives. To randomly mention Burnout is very odd, especially when it’s not something that Sony has direct control over. One assumption is that Sony is just seeing if there is any interest in the arcade racing genre, although some fans have started speculating that a new Burnout might be in the works behind the scenes.

That seems fairly unlikely right now though. The Burnout franchise rights are owned by EA, who has been more interested in developing more titles for the Need for Speed franchise for the past generation. Burnout Paradise’s developers, Criterion Games, is currently working on the next Need for Speed, so even if a Burnout game is in the works, it likely won’t surface for some time.

At the very least, it’s positive news that the Burnout franchise is still being referenced without having a game in the series for more than ten years. That, combined with the fact that we actually saw Burnout Paradise remastered last year, hints that the series might not stay dormant for too much longer.

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