Soul Hackers 2: How To Navigate The Subway Line 14 Barrier

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When you reach Subway Line 14 in Soul Hackers 2, desperately trying to reach Mangetsu before it's too late, you'll find yourself dealing with annoying barriers in this labyrinthian dungeon. It can get pretty frustrating doubling back on yourself to find the correct path, so we've got a walkthrough right here.

Once you've successfully navigated the barriers, you'll find yourself face to face with the Vile Goat-Headed Demon boss. You'll need to take him down to get rid of the barriers for good, so we're going to cover how to defeat this demon too.

How To Get Through The Barriers

After you've attempted to navigate this new floor and realized the barrier is causing you to go in loops, one of your demons will guide you through a secret door, beginning a new nightmare of navigating through barriers.

The image above shows the correct route through this dungeon, and we have detailed walkthrough instructions just below to match this.

Once you've passed through the door, head forward and take the second right (through the ripped barrier), then stick to the right and loop back on yourself. When you return to the corridor you were in, you will notice the barrier at the far end is now open.

When you go through an open barrier, it will close behind you and cause all other barriers to revert also.

Essentially, upon using a barrier, all closed barriers will open, and all open barriers will close.

Continue forward through the ripped barrier, then take a left. Then, take the first right, then loop around by sticking to the left — heading through another barrier — and return to the corridor that you just traveled up.

Head straight all the way down the corridor, ignoring any intersections. At the end, you'll see a barrier on your left — go through it.

Move forward and go right at the intersection. Then, continue forward and go straight across the next two cross-sections you come to before you are forced to turn left.

Continue on and at the cross-section, go straight ahead and then follow the path right — going through a barrier — and looping back to the cross-section.

Go straight ahead at this intersection towards the barriers in the distance. Go through the open barrier on your right and through the door into the small room. Leave the room from the northern door (the one on your left after entering) and follow the path.

At the next cross-section, go straight ahead and through the barrier, then take a left at the next intersection before continuing forward across the next three cross-sections. Follow the path, and you'll be forced to turn left and head through a barrier.

Follow the path around and turn left at the first cross-section you come to, followed by a right to take you back onto the path you just came through. Go straight across the next two intersections and follow the path to the next cross-section. Here, go straight ahead.

At the next intersection, go left through a barrier, then take the right path through yet another barrier, and you'll see a portal straight ahead. Go through the door at the southern end to reach your goal.

How To Defeat The Vile Goat-Headed Demon

Affinities And Weaknesses


Enemy Moveset

Beast EyeIncreases action count by one.
AgilaoFire attack to one party member.
MakajamaonRuin damage to all party members that can inflict Seal.
ConcentrateBoosts next magic attack.
Fire BreathFire attack to three party members.

Battle Strategy

Aim to prep your party beforehand, try to mitigate any Fire weaknesses your team has, and ensure you have people with Ice and Electric demons equipped so you can deal maximum damage. As always, we recommend having at least one party member as a dedicated healer.

The main thing to be aware of is that the Vile Goat-Headed Demon favours Fire attacks, and he can inflict Seal with Makajamaon. If you're playing on a higher difficulty, you'll probably want to use Guard when the boss uses Concentrate, but otherwise, just healing up afterward should work just fine.

Seal can be a pesky problem, especially if your healer gets hit by it, so make sure you have items you can use to keep your team in tip-top shape.

Once the Vile Goat-Headed Demon has been defeated, use the portal to go back to the On Rails area and head south to continue with the storyline… and encounter a new boss.

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