Spintires: Chernobyl Carries That Load To Steam Next Week

The Spintires series is about to get a bit more desolate next week. Publisher IMGN.PRO has announced that a Chernobyl themed DLC pack for its 2014 driving sim Spintires will be releasing on December 13, 2019. Taking players into the “Excursion Zone,” your task will be to deliver various loads across this abandoned patch of land in Russia. It’s spooky, scary, and kind of surreal.

This isn’t the first time Spintires has delved into pseudo-apocalyptic territory. Released in October, the “Aftermath” DLC pack put players smack dap in the middle of a town ravaged by a storm. You were still picking up cargo and delivering your rounds, but the town was basically a flat plane where life used to be. Talk about taking a goofy idea and making it somber as hell.

There’s no price on the Chernobyl pack, but previous DLC updates go for $2.99. It’s reasonable to expect that this one will be the same. The original Spintires is only available on PC, though a spin-off called MudRunner is on consoles.

For such an assuming game, Spintires has done well for itself. Going on to sell over one million copies, the series has branched off into various different directions since its original release. The aforementioned MudRunner is one example, but there’s even the upcoming SnowRunner in development. It seems people really like delivering packages to their destinations.

The success of this title can likely be attributed to the rise of digital distribution. During the last console generation, a niche game like Spintires would have never gotten off the ground. Thanks to things like Steam Greenlight (as flawed as they may be), quirky games like this have flourished by catering to unserved pockets of the gaming community.

Because of its older age, the original Spintires can be grabbed for $9.99 on Steam. If this Chernobyl DLC sounds interesting to you, it won’t cost a lot of money to give it a shot. The titles aren’t exactly well-received, but fans have clearly found something special within. Maybe you’ve had a dream of being a tough mudder and never knew. This is your chance!

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