Spiritfarer Is Getting Four News Spirits In 2021

Spiritfarer developer Thunder Lotus has outlined a roadmap of additional content coming to the game in 2021, including four new spirits to interact with.

This news comes from Thunder Lotus’ website (via IGN) which details three new updates coming to Spiritfarer in Spring, Summer, and Fall. Each update will bring with it a variety of different content, including a new spirit, quality of life improvements, and new buildings for Stella’s boat. Spiritfarer’s upcoming Spring update will also include more story content about Stella as well as improved co-op functionality.

The first new spirit to be introduced to Spiritfarer is an amalgamation of butterflies called Lily, Stella’s younger sister. Lily promises to shake up the standard Spiritfarer formula a little as she will be the only spirit in the game that is active at night. Her presence will light up the night sky and allow you to navigate your boat in the dark. This new update also allows you to partake in some cooperative fishing, if you so desire.

The summer update introduces a new spirit called Beverley, a lonely bird who likes to talk about the past. Alongside Beverley, this update will give players the opportunity to build an Archive Room on your boat, a station that allows you to view a brand new set of collectibles called Acetate Sheets. The game will also receive some quality of life tweaks and improvements.

The final update will introduce two new spirits called Jackie and Daria. Players can find these two on a brand new island that houses a run-down hospital. Jackie is the hospital’s overworked caretaker whilst Daria is his only patient. The fall update also brings new buildings for your boat as well as a new event.

There are no specific release dates for these new updates, but Thunder Lotus claims it will provide more details closer to the release of each one. All of these updates are expected to come to Spiritfarer during their respective seasons this year and will be completely free for existing owners of the game.

Spiritfarer is currently available on PC (Steam, Epic) PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia and can be played on next-gen systems via backward compatibility. If you’d like to learn more about Spiritfarer, you can check out our review here.

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