Splatoon 3 Allows Players To Choose Their Inkling’s Eyebrow Style

Splatoon 3 will let players customise their Inkling or Octoling's eyebrows for the first time.

Since recently announcing a September release date for Splatoon 3, Nintendo has quietly been sharing more and more news on the game through its social channels, including the fact that Off The Hook will be returning from Splatoon 2, seemingly eliminating the chance of Marina being the game's villain.

Some of the recent news that Nintendo has shared about Splatoon 3 focuses on its character customisation, including revealing a host of new haircuts for Inklings and Octolings. More interestingly than that is the fact that players can now even customise how their eyebrows look, a new feature for the series.

The Splatoon Twitter account shared an image with several different brow styles on it, alongside the caption, "Squid Research Lab here with another hair-adjacent update. It seems that Inklings and Octolings now have full eyebrow autonomy. In layperson’s terms, you can literally browse brows! OW. I told Linguistics to pinch me every time I made a pun, and they are NOT messing around."

We can see from the image shared that the eyebrow styles include one side having a notch in the middle, some twirly eyebrows that look like little mustaches, thicker eyebrows, the standard pair from the first two games, and even some incredibly short ones with a little gap in them.

This is the first time that Splatoon has allowed for this level of customisation. Previous games have let you decide your eye colour, hair style, and the type of leggings you want to wear, but eyebrows have always been kept the same.

Interestingly, when Splatoon 3 was revealed fans noticed that the main Inkling had a different eyebrow style than in other games in the series, with a clear notch in one of them. The announcement trailer didn't show eyebrow customisation, but it was speculated to be in the game when other Inklings were shown to have different styles.

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