Splitgate Ends 2021 With Over 15 Million Downloads

Splitgate was definitely one of the more surprising games to come out of 2021. The portal-based arena shooter shot to the top of the free-to-play charts over the summer when the game officially arrived on consoles after an extended early access period on PC, and although this caused Splitgate's servers to crash harder than the Ever Given (y'all remember that stupid ship that made everything late by two weeks over the summer?), it was but a minor bump on Splitgate's road to roaring success.

In an end-of-year recap video, 1047 reveals several interesting statistics that it's accumulated since Splitgate's release. The biggest stat is easily 15 million downloads, meaning a LOT of players at least gave Splitgate a try this year. That seems to be born out by Splitgate's climb to the top of the free-to-play charts on Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam.

The rest of Splitgate's stats are an amusing list of frags, shots fired, and headshot percentage, plus just how many portals were opened in the name of mayhem. It was a lot.

An interesting comparison notes the number of portals spawned approached 8 billion, but only 2.3 million of those portals resulted in an actual kill. That means there are still plenty of Splitgate players that have yet to master the game's mind-bending geometry to secure kills with portals. It’s certainly something I haven’t been able to do.

Splitgate is still in active development and is expecting to create a next-gen upgrade for PS5 and Xbox Series X owners in 2022. To that end, Spligate developers 1047 games secured $100 million in funding last September to hire more engineers and ensure Splitgate has enough server space to handle its growing player count.

Splitgate does have some stiff competition in the free-to-play shooter genre next to Halo Infinite, but 1047 thinks that the two games can coexist peacefully. Guess we’ll find out in 2022.

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