SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake – How To Defeat Sandy In Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom

On several occasions during the SpongeBob SquarePants series, the titular character and Sandy both display their karate skills. So, it's fitting that you face off against the squirrel when you're filming for Squid Van Hammerschmidt's (aka Squidward) karate movie in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Cosmic Shake.

The contest serves as your ultimate test in martial arts, as it's the final boss of the Karate Downtown Bikini Bottom world. It's more complicated than a straight-up duel, though. You can't just depend on your air kicks and spin attacks to get the job done. So, here is everything you need to know to achieve victory.

Surviving Her Wheel Attacks

Sandy doesn't attempt to fight you in a fair karate contest. Instead, she uses an unusual death wheel to take you out. The strange piece of machinery will take some health off you when it makes contact. So, you need to be prepared to dodge.

Her standard attack involves putting the wheel in a vertical position and rolling towards you.

It homes in on you, so you must dodge it at the last second for it to go past. But before that, position yourself in front of a pile of explosive barrels to make her slam into them after you move out of the way.

When she re-positions the machine to make it horizontal is when you're really in trouble. After all, the machine starts spinning at an incredible rate and all you can do is avoid it.

Therefore, you must keep as far away from it as possible. When it's close, try jumping over or dodging to the side of it. The goal is to avoid death until it goes away.

Dealing With Additional Enemies

At certain points during the fight, Sandy retreats to the top of the tree. During this time, you can't hurt her. Thus, you're free to shift your focus to the many jelly enemies that spawn.

They're standard goons, but don't overlook them, as they can gang up on you. Plus, the small hedgehog-likes enemies can charge you from across the battlefield.

There isn't a special method of taking them all out. Yet, it's smart to make use of the flying karate kick, as it lets you bounce between enemies to hurt them quickly.

Dodging Security Guys

Jelly monsters aren't the only ones on Sandy's side in this fight. Partway through, she also gets assistance for a few jacked security guys. They stand in a line and spin around the tree. If they touch you, you take damage.

The cutscene that triggers on their arrival makes it seem like you're supposed to use the dodge function to escape them.

There is a hole in their formation, so you could dodge roll into the spot, making them fly straight past you. However, it's often easier just to run to the hole instead of rolling.

Neither way is very easy, though, since they move pretty quickly. Yet, if you succeed, you stay completely safe.

Doing Damage

You have to hit Sandy three times to defeat her. Unfortunately, you don't get many chances to do that.

The only opportunity for a strike occurs after you dodge her wheel, and she crashes into the explosive barrels. When this happens, she gets stunned, and you must hit her with a flying karate kick to do damage. She doesn't stay stunned for long, so you must strike quickly.

Do this three times to achieve victory.

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