Square Enix teases new game Outriders but nobody knows what it is

A brand new game has just been announced by the publisher of Final Fantasy, promising to show ‘humanity’s last hope’ on a distant planet.

Officially the only game we know for certain that Square Enix will have at E3 next week is Marvel’s Avengers, which they’ve finally promised to unveil in public.

It’s assumed (which is often a bad idea) that Final Fantasy VII Remake will also be there, and hopefully PlatinumGames’ Babylon’s Fall, but otherwise their slate is rather empty at the moment.

Which is no doubt why they’ve just announced a new sci-fi game called Outriders. Although when we say ‘announced’ we mean they’ve posted a few seconds of CGI on Twitter, with almost no context whatsoever.

Although nobody noticed until now the Twitter account has been active since last month and features a number of fictional mission logs from a Captain Simon B. Archan.

He’s in charge of a spaceship called Flores which is on its way to the planet Enoch, which he describes as ‘humanity’s last hope and salvation’.

What it’s being saved from is not mentioned, but one of the tweets includes a reference to both a regular army being on board and what sounds like an irregular one called the Outriders, led by a Captain Tanner – which may be who’s waking up in the Twitter animation.

And that’s it. What the game is and who’s making it are a complete mystery, but it’s always good to see a major publisher willing to try new IP – so it’s already got that going for it.

The game will be featured as part of Square Enix’s pre-E3 media briefing, which takes place, from a UK perspective, on Tuesday, 11 June at 2am.

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