Stadia And Discord Can Now Be Used On Xbox Consoles Through The New Edge Browser

The Xbox One/Series web browser has just received a nifty new update for testers that overhauls its web browser, moving towards the updated, Chromium-based Microsoft Edge. With this, it can now run Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and GeForce Now.

This means that toppled with Xbox’s own Game Pass, there’s a gigantic library of titles available in streaming bundles for players. If PS Now ever makes the leap to being web-based as opposed to its current software-based format, then perhaps one day we’ll be able to leap into the world of Kratos and the Greek Gods on an Xbox of all things – outside of Fortnite, that is.

On top of that, Discord and Skype are browser-based, but given the limitations of Xbox’s Microsoft Edge prior to this update, they were not usable whatsoever. Now, with this new update, players can jump into Discord and Skype calls, making cross-platform play much easier.

The new Microsoft Edge also seems to share the sync engine which means that Xbox players will have access to extensions, vertical tabs, collections, and other desktop features. That being said, it’s only up for grabs right now for those in the Alpha Skip-Ahead group, and it doesn’t yet feature mouse and keyboard support.

Something else that this brings is inevitable support for streaming services not yet on Xbox, given that, in essence, it’s the desktop Microsoft Edge on a console. As such, if your favorite service, be it something niche with documentaries or something larger with anime, isn’t officially supported, you should be able to give it a whirl with the new Edge. Some users are already pointing out that the updated browser plays videos better on platforms such as Twitter, which bodes well.

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