Stalker Writer Sergei Ivanov Has Died From Covid-19 At 66

STALKER writer Sergei Ivanov has passed away at the age of 66 from complications brought on by COVID-19. While official news of his passing is hard to come by (he shares a name with a Russian politician), independent website Rely on Horror has done a rough translation of a STALKER wiki that reveals he passed away on November 25, 2020.

Ivanov is responsible for adapting the famous Russian novel Roadside Picnic into the 1991 game titled STALKER. Later in the early ’00s, Ivanov has brought onto the team at GSC Game World to create a script for STALKER: Oblivion Lost, which is the original version of what would become Shadow of Chernobyl. While Ivanov would leave the company before that game came out, he was given a scriptwriter credit out of respect for the foundation he laid with his writing.

As for the details about his death, we can’t verify anything apart from his passing. We’ll continue to dig deeper to see if he is survived by any family, but regardless of that, it’s sad that his life was cut short due to COVID. In a year where news of the coronavirus has been relentless in its ferocity, it’s still incredibly difficult to hear about people passing away because of it.

While Ivanov was likely not involved with the upcoming Stalker 2, I wouldn’t doubt that GSC will give him an honorary credit now that he has passed. He may not have created the original idea for STALKER, but his adaptation was instrumental in not only the cult classic series but the popular Metro games as well. He will be remembered by fans for that alone.

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