Star Citizen Is Free To Play This Week

If you've been on the fence about diving into Star Citizen, now is the perfect opportunity to try it out. From now until July 15, the crowdfunded space simulator is completely free to play through a Free Fly event. Not only can you experience the ‘Verse free of charge, but you gain access to six of the game’s iconic ships to test out the different career paths and playstyles available.

To hop into Cloud Imperium’s sprawling space adventure, simply create a free account through the game’s website and enter the Free Fly code (GETINTOTHEVERSE) when prompted. Once submitted, you can download Star Citizen and get to exploring. From there, you will be able to try out the Avenger Titan, the Cutlass Black, the Arrow, the Dragonfly Black, and the Prospector.

Each ship caters to a different career path within the game. This event will let you try out the ships and choose the best path for you. Of course, once the Free Fly event concludes, you will have to return the ships.

While the Free Fly event only lasts a few days, Cloud Imperium is offering several discounted starter packs for those who want to stick around. You can grab your first proper ship for cheap. Plus, when purchasing a discounted pack, you will nab some Foundation Festival Paint as a bonus.

There is also the Free Fly Referral promotion to take advantage of. If you decide to stick around in Star Citizen, you can gain a unique referral code to share with friends. Anyone who signs up using your code will be given 5,000 credits to spend for in-game weapons, ship components, and decorations. Plus, if they use your code, you gain access to exclusive in-game items as well.

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