Star Wars Hunters Is A Free-To-Play Competitive Shooter Coming To Nintendo Switch

Lots of new Star Wars games are in production from Ubisoft’s to whatever EA is cooking right through to the brand new Nintendo Switch title, Star Wars Hunters. It’s a free-to-play, online, competitive third-person shooter.

It’s coming at some point in 2021 for the Switch, developed by NaturalMotion who are known for CSR Racing, Backbreaker, Clumsy Ninja, and Dawn of Titans. Not much else is known about this new Star Wars game, as all that was shown was a variety of characters in a quick glimmer in what appeared to be Jabba’s palace before cutting to the title card.

However, it was revealed that the game takes place between Episodes six and seven – or, the same time period as The Mandalorian. It makes sense given that the Disney+ show is a huge hit because it delves into bounty hunter and Mandalorian culture, so hopefully, that shines through in the action.

The last Star Wars shooter came from EA, and it was a re-imagining of the original Battlefront 2, releasing in 2017 to backlash for its microtransactions and loot boxes so much so that the game’s first year was all about rectifying the issues. There’s a touch more leeway with a free-to-play title but NaturalMotion should look at what went wrong and what went right for DICE in that case, otherwise history could well and truly repeat itself.

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