Star Wars Video Games Now Fall Under The New Lucasfilm Games Branding

Lucasfilm Games is the new branding for all Star Wars video games going forward, as well as for video games based on other Lucasfilm properties.

The Star Wars video game license is currently held by EA, in a deal that’s expected to end in 2023. Many people speculated that Disney wouldn’t renew the deal, following the backlash towards Star Wars Battlefront 2’s pay-to-win mechanics at launch. Disney let EA renew the license for another few years, as Disney has no desire to enter the video game development business, and will continue to farm the license out to other studios.

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It seems that there are changes to the Star Wars video game license going forward. The official Star Wars website has announced the new Lucasfilm Games branding, which will be used for all Star Wars games, as well as other games based on other properties developed by Lucasfilm. The official Star Wars YouTube channel has uploaded a sizzle reel of Star Wars video games that now fall under the Lucasfilm Games banner. This banner now retroactively applies to all Star Wars games released in the past and will be used on all of the new ones going forward.

The Lucasfilm Games social media pages have also been updated, and they will become a hub for new information about upcoming games. The updated Lucasfilm Games Facebook page can be checked out here and the Lucasfilm Games Twitter page can be checked out here.

It’s likely that this rebranding won’t mean a great deal in the long run. Sony has done a similar thing with the PlayStation Studios banner, which led to a fancy intro at the start of its exclusive games, and that’s it. We can hope that it means interesting things are happening behind the scenes and that Disney might consider letting studios other than EA make Star Wars games in the future. That isn’t to say that EA hasn’t made some great Star Wars games over the past few years, but the license is big enough that other studios should have a chance to develop games set in the galaxy.

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