Stardew Valley: Everything You Need To Know About The Fern Islands

Ginger Island has been all the rage since it was added to Stardew Valley during the 1.5 updates. It introduces a single island in the Fern Islands that is home to a ton of new items and events. Despite just recently being added, though, players can’t help but wonder about the rest of the Fern Islands, as they are mentioned throughout the games, and players already know there are settlements on them that supposedly do quite well for themselves.

To learn more about the Fern Islands, we’ve compiled all the information that has currently been given out in the game.

They Advertise

One of the few non-Pelican Town advertisements players receive is an ad from the Fern Islands. The ad invites the player to visit the islands to relax. This likely isn’t related to Ginger Island, though, as the resort is broken down when the player arrives and needs to be fixed.

It seems that the Fern Islands may have a massive tourist seen, especially since they can afford to send out advertisements to random farmers.

They Are Located In The Gem Sea

The Gem Sea is an important location in the Stardew Valley universe. In the game world, there is currently a war going on, and the sea separates the continents. The Gem Sea doesn’t seem to be a dangerous place, though, as there is currently no indication of fighting on the islands.

This may be due to this relatively close location of the islands or the fact that the war is happening on Grampleton soil.

They Have Rare Fruit

The fruit that is famously exported from the Fern Islands can’t be grown by the player. It seems to be rather popular, though, as Gus uses it in his candy. Now that Ginger Island is in play, players may be able to eventually grow the exclusive ring fruit and even make sweets from it.

It is unknown what type of conditions are needed to grow the fruit or if it is even native to more than one island.

Ginger Island Is The Only Island You Can Visit

While players will pass other islands in the cutscene on the way to Ginger Island, they can not visit them. It’s unlikely that all the islands will ever be added to the game, but players do know that there are tons of people living on the islands. This could be a good focus for the game’s sequel or even for traveling merchants.

It’s likely that many of the islands will only be learned about through in-game lore, though.

They Are Rich In Product

The Fern Islands seem to be pretty well off, and from what players can tell about the farm on Ginger Island, they likely have a huge export of crops. The islands seem to be able to grow crops at all times of the year, which means farmers never have to worry about changing things up.

One tomato plant will be able to indefinitely produce fruit for the farmers to sell.

They Are A Popular Retirement Spot

Both player’s in-game parents, as well as Haley allude to wanting to retire on the Fern Islands. From the way the player’s parents talk, this is a rather expensive endeavor, and most players already know that Haley has rather expensive tastes from her favorite gifts.

It seems that the islands are a popular retirement spot for the rich and are a goal for many people in the nation.

There Is A Prairie Island

While not confirmed to be part of the Fern Islands, many players believe that Prairie Island is located somewhere in them. This island was the inspiration for the popular in-game video game Journey of the Prairie King that has players take on an extremely tough arcade-style shooter.

The Prairie island likely has rare crops and a completely different culture than what is seen in Pelican Town.

There Is A Pirate Island

Not only is there a Prairie Island somewhere out there, but a Pirate filled island exists as well. Not much information is given on the location other than it’s filled with pirates, some of which can be found in the pirate cove on Ginger Island, giving the player a small sampling of the fabled land.

This is another island that likely won’t be visited but has now been touched on with Ginger Island.

They Have Jungle Areas

It’s stated that the Fern Islands are known for their lush jungles, one of which can be seen on Ginger Island. The jungles are crawling with tropical species of animals that can’t normally be seen in the nation. This is a popular attraction for the islands, and once the resort is built, some characters will comment on the jungle.

The Jungle area is a nice introduction as the desert area added a lot of variety to the game.

Willy Comes From Them

It is revealed that Willy wasn’t originally from Pelican Town. He was born in the Fern Islands and often misses his home. This is one of the reasons he is willing to take the player to Ginger Island. This helps to explain why Willy enjoys fishing and living on the beach so much.

Willy will likely be the way that players make it to other islands if the option is ever added in.

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